KGFJ's Historical Wire (Flat-Top) Antenna
(The stations' most recent call sign is KYPA)
Photos and Descriptions by Marvin Collins
(Posted by Steve Blodgett, May 2004)

In 1924 KGFJ started broadcasting from the Odd Fellows Lodge Building on Oak Street near downtown Los Angeles.

The station was located on the top floor of the building.

The Odd Fellows emblem is still in place at the entry to the building.

The transmission line wire runs through the roof of the building and up to the wire antenna. Station ground is derived from the steel building frame.

Looking closely, see the array of four horizontal wires that was the main feature of this antenna assembly.

The roof "penthouse" and utility structure is shown with another view of the wire "flat-top" antenna system.

The KYPA ATU includes a KBLA 1580 kHz reject filter. The small box mounted on the tower contains a capacitor that couples KYPA's energy into KBLA's #6 tower.

The new KYPA transmitter ready to go on the air from the KBLA site

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