A visit to the
Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters Museum

Photos and Descriptions by Marvin Collins
(Posted and edited by Steve Blodgett)

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Sign on door to Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters
meeting room and museum

Old RCA NBC console

Ampex audio tape recorder serial #1

Vintage Microphones


Old radio and old
NBC/RCA "Beer Mug" "Radio Mike"

Sound effects telephone

KFI/KECA transcription

Old radios and model of NBC studios at
Sunset & Vine

Sound effects equipment from CBS

KFI TV Program Photo

Frank Nelson
This photo was taken not too long
before Frank passed away.  Frank was a very
prominent radio actor/personality in the 1940s
and is often remembed from the old Jack Benny
radio shows, and the I Love Lucy TV shows.
I knew Frank Nelson through his son Doug who
is pictured in the KCBH and KPOL picture groups.
Frank Nelson was also interested in photography.
After my Leica camera was stolen Frank convinced
me and helped me to purchase the Nikon camera that
I used for some of the pictures that are posted here.
Frank worked at or had an interest in Ray Thalen's
camera store on Hollywood Boulevard back in the early
sixties so he was able to get me a great deal on a
Nikon FTn film camera and lenses.

CBS sound effects equipment


"Car door effect"

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