The Mt. Wilson Transmitter Site
(And Additional Facility History)
Photos and Descriptions by Marvin Collins
(Posted and edited by Steve Blodgett)

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The KOST Aux antenna, a two bay ERI,
mounted at the 60 foot level
of the KNBC tower.

The KOST Main antenna, a 3 bay
Jampro antenna, mounted at the 385 foot level.

A few hundred yards away
is the KBIG 10 bay antenna. 

The platform at the top of the KABC TV tower.
Several years ago I had  the pleasure
 of climbing to this platform.
 Note the nice stairs to the top.

A taller view of the KABC tower
featuring the stairway.

Marvin Collins inspecting the
KOST Nautel 10 KW solid state transmitter.
On the left side is the good old Collins 830F
10 KW tube type transmitter now used as
a backup transmitter.


Marvin Collins calibrating the
KOST TFT remote control.

The plaque in the parking lot at Mt. Wilson
commemorating Benjamin Davis Wilson.

A Los Angeles County survey marker
located near the Benjamin Wilson plaque.

Two image detectors for two of the CHARA
telescopes, labeled E and F.

An updated view of the inside
 of the CHARA building on Mt. Wilson..

Near the 26 inch telescope at the
Mt. Wilson Observatory, a plaque says,
"On this pier in 1925 Albert Abraham Michelson
measured the velocity of light by means of
a beam of light transmitted to Mt. San Antonio
and reflected back to this station."

The concrete pier where Albert Michelson
conducted the measurements.

The solar telescope
at the Mt. Wilson Observatory.

The Larry Cotter memorial drinking fountain
at the Mt. Wilson Observatory.

The 60 inch telescope building
at the Mt. Wilson Observatory.

A plaque near the Hooker 100 inch
telescope on Mt. Wilson commemorating
Astronomer Olin Chaddock Wilson.  Note that
Mt. Wilson is named after Benjamin Wilson,
not Olin Wilson.

The CHARA office building at the
CHARA site at the Mt. Wilson Observatory


The Astronomical Museum and plaque
at the Mt. Wilson Observatory

Left of the 26 inch telescope building dome
 is the concrete pier  where Albert Michelson
measured the speed of light.
Way in the distance to the right is
Mt. San Antonio  from which
the beam of light was reflected.

The KABC Tower

A view of most of the TV and FM
antennas at Mt. Wilson.

A distant view of the Mt. Wilson Observatory
100 inch telescope dome.

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