The KRTO Transmitter Site
Photos and Descriptions by Marvin Collins
(Posted and edited by Steve Blodgett)

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The KRTO two bay ERI antenna.

The building containing the KRTO transmitter
on the side of Johnstone Peak

One of two Broadcast Electronics
FM1C1 1 kW FM transmitters.

The second Broadcast Electronics
FM1C1 1kW FM transmitter.  A BE automatic
switch panel can transfer from one transmitter
to the other in case of a failure.

KACE and KRTO were sold to
Hispanic Broadcasting Company. 
The new owners installed an Intraplex T1
digital STL
, the digital output of which feeds
a Harris Digit exciter.  KACE and KRTO were
Spanish format stations as of
midnight January 31, 2000.

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