KPOL Photo Archive #1
(In the Late 50's and the 60's)
Photos and Descriptions by Marvin Collins
(Posted and edited by Steve Blodgett)

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Bob Harris at KPOL, Los Angeles, 1540 kHz,
in the late fifties when the studio was
at the transmitter site. (DN scan)
Al Mallicoate in one of two studios at
the KPOL transmitter site.  I made this photograph 
in the late fifties or early sixties.
While working with Joe Cosgrove at KPOL 
we made a trip to Yosemite to shoot some 16 mm film 
for use with music at Joe's stereo concerts we presented
at various churches around Southern California.
Al Mallicoate spinning LPs 
in one of the two studios at the 
KPOL transmitter site.
Al Mallicoate at the KPOL
microphone in one of the two studios
at the KPOL transmitter site circa 1964.
At Santa Monica City Hall.
Left to right are Joe Cosgrove,
 the Mayor of Santa Monica, & Greg Loren and his wife,  
after a meeting with the Mayor for the purpose of  using the 
Santa Monica Auditorium for a Joe Cosgrove stereo concert.
Before FM stereo was in use...
Joe Cosgrove and Marvin Collins are listening to 
KPOL AM and FM in AM/FM stereo using 2 car radios
as single-channel receivers.  We were parked outside
the KPOL studio/transmitter building.
The 1960 Democratic Convention
 in the Los Angeles Sports Arena.  KPOL was a
 Mutual Broadcasting afilliate at the time
 and I was assigned to the audio pool at the convention.  
My duty was to switch the floor
 microphones during the delegate roll call. 
( I do not recall the name of the man on the left.)
Chuck Bennett at the KPOL microphone
along with his dog, in one of the two studios
at the KPOL studio/transmitter site.
Joe Cosgrove making a photograph
from the top of the tuning house for
the West KPOL tower.
I was sent to the Beverly Hills Hotel
to make a tape recording of President Eisenhower
giving a speech at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
I took my camera along and made pictures.
President Eisenhower 
seated at the speaker's table
I think it was while I was taking this picture
that the Secret Service nabbed me because
the strap for my over-the-shoulder camera flash unit 
covered up my press pass and for a moment they
thought I was an uninvited guest.
Floyd Hall was the Chief Engineer of KPOL,
and the man who hired me.  He was later replaced
by Con Springer, the son in law of the majority owner
of KPOL, Hugh Murchison.
At the Beverly Hilton I recorded a speech
for the KPOL news department.  Jerry Lewis 
was part of the program that evening.
At the 1960 National Democratic Convention
there were some outdoor ceremonies where I had 
an opportunity to make this photograph
 of John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, 
a man unknown to me, and then on the extreme right
is a man whom I believe to be
 the son of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
During the 1960 National Democratic Convention
my audio pool duties did not keep me busy all the time
so I had an opportunity to take this photo
of John F. Kennedy...
...And also this photograph of Lyndon B. Johnson.
One of my duties was to switch the microphones
on the floor of the Convention when roll call was taken.
This picture was taken of me at the speakers podium.
 Yes, that really is me.
In the audio pool room at the  Convention 
in Los Angeles.  Marvin Collins on the left
and Con Sprenger, KPOL Chief Engineer,
second from the right.  I don't recall the names
of the other Mutual Broadcasting System staff.
Do you?
I believe this picture was taken at a KPOL party
given at the Ambassador Coconut Grove ballroom
when the KPOL format was changed to blocks of
beautiful music between blocks of commercials.
In the center is afternoon announcer George Crofford.
Joe Cosgrove is to his right and on the extreme right
is Program Director Bob Scott.
At the party was actress Jane Powell.
 I don't remember the man on the left but behind
Jane Powell is George Crofford, next left is Bob Harris.  
To the right of Bob Harris is a man whose name I do not recall. 
 On the extreme right is Rod Farrell. 

More from the Coconut Grove.  Left to right are
Vic Damone, Bob Harris, Steve Allen
and an unidentified person.

The KPOL FM isocoupler for the FM antenna
 that was located on the East KPOL AM tower.

KPOL newsman Lew Irwin circa 1960.
Here I am at the Gates console 
at the KPOL studio/transmitter site circa 1960...
...and checking the base current
 at one of the three KPOL AM towers.
Sandy Irwin, receptionist at KPOL, Los Angeles
 circa 1960.
This is most of the audio and monitoring equipment
at the KPOL studio/transmitter site circa 1960.  
The Gates 10 KW transmitter was located behind a window
 just to the left of the equipment racks, but out of the picture.
At one of the Joe Cosgrove stereo concerts,
in the center is featured singer Greg Loren,
I am to his right, to my right is Bob ?
of Korean Broadcasting Inc. and on the
extreme right is Joe Cosgrove.
This picture was taken in the newsroom at the KPOL office
when it was on Wilshire Boulevard.  The office was located
in a large house converted to an office building.  I do not recall
 the names of these people.  Do you?
Marvin Collins at the KPOL Gates audio console circa 1958.
A KPOL newsman whose name I do not remember.
Do you know who he is?
Front side of a 101 Strings album
of KPOL favorites from 1952 to 1972.
(Photo is 125k)
KPOL 101 Strings album folded open
showing center section of the two record album.

Back side of the Album commemorating 20 years
of KPOL beautiful music, 1952-1972

(Photos are approx 430k)

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