Early KFI Historical Photos
Photos and Descriptions by Marvin Collins
(Posted by Steve Blodgett)

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A motor-generator for the old 50 KW water cooled
transmitter which was removed from service in late 1959
shortly after I took this picture.  This unit was used to
convert Edison's 50 cycle power to KFI's required 60 cycle power for a many years. This unit was located on the ground floor of the two story KFI transmitter building.  Today the concrete pedestal is all that remains.  Today right behind this pedestal is the 175 KVA Onan diesel generator that was installed about 1960. At the time I took this picture I never thought I would start working at KFI 16 years later on February 9, 1976.

Final tubes for the RCA 50 KW water cooled KFI
 transmitter as shown in the spare tube closet.

The left side of the U shape transmitter layout on the
second floor of the KFI transmitter building.  I believe
this part of the transmitter was the oscillator and low
power stages.  Today audio and monitoring equipment
racks occupy most of this space, and on the extreme right
hand side of the same photo is where the Harris DX50
transmitter has been installed.

This view shows the right hand portion of the U shape
transmitter layout.  I believe the high power amplifier is
in the left portion of this picture.  The old desk is still in
use at the KFI transmitter site.  It has been moved about
ten feet from this location.  The desk space shown here
is now occupied by a Continental 317C transmitter, used
for backup.  The clock on the front of the transmitter was
moved to a wall location but finally failed about 1995 and
had to be replaced after about 65 years of service..

Thanks to Fred Volken for these photos taken between 1946
and 1948.  As you can see not much changed between this
time and 1959 when I took the previous picture.
When I started at KFI in 1976 the General Radio frequency
monitor on the left (in the photo to the right)  was still in
service.  Most of this equipment is audio equipment which
was located in a separate smaller room from the transmitter
room.  Today this room is mostly empty except for one rack
of T1 STL equipment.

This old desk is still used in the KFI Transmitter building.
It was moved next to the door to the shop in order to make
room for the installation of the Continental Electronics
50 KW transmitter in 1979.  The desk was probably new
in 1931 when KFI began operating with 50 KW from the
present transmitter building.  Photos are from early in 2000.

This is another picture from Fred Volken of one of the KFI
engineers, Carl Sturdy, holding one of the water cooled
final tubes.


On the right is a plaque on the dashboard of a car sold at
one of Earle C. Anthony's car dealerships.  Note the KFI
call letters on the plaque.

Earle C. Anthony, on the left he is shown listening to KFI on
his private train car in 1925 when KFI was about 3 years old.

Earle C. Anthony, owner and founder of KFI. 
This picture is from the early 1940s.  
KFI began broadcasting in 1922.
Earle C. Anthony, 1880-1961

The Earle C. Anthony mansion in 1925,
at 3431 Waverly Drive in Los Angeles. 
Presently it is the
Immaculate Heart Retreat Home.

Another view of the Earle C. Anthony mansion.
In the early days of broadcasting it was common practice
to send out stamps to listeners verifying their reception 
of a station's signal.  This is the QSL stamp sent out by KFI.

The first KFI studio in 1922 (upper left), located in
Earle C. Anthony's Packard dealership at Tenth and Hope
in Los Angeles.




The KFI flat top antenna was located on top of the
studios and dealership.  Note the signs on the
towers, "KFI PACKARD".

Jerry Lewine of KHJ forwarded this photo to me. 
The caption indicates it is the KFI studio in 1922.


John Barrymore on KFI in the mid 1920's

On the left is a page from the December 13, 1924 issue
of "Radio Doings".  Included was a KFI program listing
for December 14 through 20, 1924.  Note that KFI was
usually on the air only from 5 pm until 11 pm.  Morning
and afternoon drive time did not exist in 1924.
Thanks to Neil Ross for providing a copy of this publication.
An air mail envelope as used by Earle C. Anthony's KFI.

A KFI business envelope.  This envelope was probably
used by KFI after the death of Earle C. Anthony in 1961.
Note that his famous signature is not used on this envelope.

Yes, there really was a KFI - TV.  Earle C. Anthony
sold his KFI - TV to General Tire in the early fifties.
It became KHJ - TV and is now KCAL TV channel 9.

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