KFI Studio Photos
Photos and Descriptions by Marvin Collins
(Posted by Steve Blodgett)

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The KFI/KOST office/studio buillding 
610 South Ardmore Avenue, 
Los Angeles, CA 90005

The KFI/KOST Lobby 

After KFI was acquired by AMFM Inc. on October 1, 1999
 the lobby of the office/studio building was remodeled.

The Reception Desk

Mark Denis in the KFI Traffic Studio.  Mark passed away
from  a heart attack April 28, 2000.   The KFI/KOST 
staff miss him.
Chief Engineer, Marvin Collins 
in the KFI Traffic Studio.
Don and Gil in Production Studio A

The Main KFI/KOST Production Studio

The KFI Air Mix Control Room

Ray Avila in one of the KFI/KOST production studios
The KFI News Booth
Call Screener Loxi talking to KFI callers.
KFI Chief Engineer Marvin Collins at his desk.

Two Production Studios at KFI/KOST

KFI Air Mix Control Room
Board operator Tony making 
Karel and Andrew sound good.
Audio Vault digital audio storage system 
formerly used by KACE
Equipment racks in the KFI/KOST master control room

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