KFI Stimuland
Photos and Descriptions by Marvin Collins
(Posted by Steve Blodgett)

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Tony Dinkel checking phone lines at the site.

Stimuland main entrance before the crowed arrived.
Jeff Levy (right) on the air.

The crowd waiting for the opening.

It is 10 a.m. and Stimuland is officially open.
(right) A view of the broadcast stage
Phil Hendrie doing one of his characters.

A view of Stimuland (left) looking toward the South 
from the grandstand.
And...looking North (right)
The Hawaiian band (Left) performing on the 
entertainment stage.  It is interesting to note that 
the musician on the left has never been to Hawaii 
but has been playing Hawaiian music for years.
"Bill and Hilliary"  (right) at KFI's Stimuland.
KABC trying to get in on the act by parking near
the entertainment stage at Stimuland.  It was 
illegal to park there and the police made them go
away shortly after this picture was taken (left).
It is quite a compliment that KABC would make
such an effort, both on the ground and 
in the air (right).
Meeting of the mouths on the air on KFI.  
Seated are the Rabbi (left) along with Karel
and Andrew.
Phil Hendrie (right) in front of the crowd.
Hawaiian dancers performing at the 
VIP luncheon party.

The Tickleland area - (right)

In the background, the KFI broadcast stage (left).
One of the attractions in Tickleland (right).
Tickleland and the Slide (right).
Facepainting and Sabrine (right).
Kid's Camp (left)
The KFI Production Department 
producing listener promos (right).
Gil Perez and Mark Drummond producing listener
promos at the KFI Production Department booth (left).
The KFI News Department Booth (right).
The KFI Program Director, David G. Hall (right),
in his booth.
CHP demonstrating the "drunk goggles" (left).

Carol Terakawa and baby (right).

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