The KACE/KTYM Xmtr Site
Photos and Descriptions by Marvin Collins
(Posted by Steve Blodgett)

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The KACE output power meter on the 5 kW 
Nautel transmitter showing 4.7 kW output.
The KTYM Bauer aux transmitter - on the left. 

The KACE 5 kW Nautel transmitter - Right, rear.

The 4 kW Nautel aux KACE transmitter -  Right,

The Rack - Right, front - with remote control, audio
 processing and monitoring.
The park area is in front of the KTYM/KACE 
transmitter site.  This was once the Baldwin Hills 
Reservoir that failed and 
flooded the streets below some years ago.
The KTYM Dumont Cathode-Ray Oscillograph
The KTYM Harris main transmitter, front. 
The KTYM Bauer aux transmitter, rear.
KACE antenna switch gear
KACE dummy load with inline Wattmeter
Left rack of equipment is KTYM monitoring and 
audio processing.  Right side is the KLAX former
main transmitter.  KLAX now operates from 
Flint Peak above Glendale.
Another view of the KTYM Bauer aux transmitter.
Another view of the KACE antenna switch gear
and dummy load
KACE ERI 2 bay aux antenna
KACE Shively 3 bay main antenna
On February 1, 2000 KACE was sold to 
Hispanic Broadcasting Corp.  HBC installed
this Harris Intraplex T1 digital STL along with
the Harris Digit exciter.  This allows a fully 
digital path from studio to transmitter.
A view looking west to the KTYM/KACE 
transmitter site.  The KACE antenna is on 
the tower on the left.

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