Austrian TV Site
(In 1956)
Photos and Descriptions by Marvin Collins
(Posted and edited by Steve Blodgett)

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Belvedere gate, Vienna, Austria

 in 1956 when I was in Vienna for the first time,
I met a TV engineer, Karl Vesely

Karl Vesely

At one point we went to the TV facility where
Karl worked and went up the tower to get a
closer look at the antennas as well as a great
overlook of the city of Vienna.

Marvin Collins

The TV Tower as it appeared from the base. 
The platform Where we were standing
can be seen at the top.

The Antenna Mast

Karl gave me a tour around the city in his
old VW beetle.  It has a flat front and looks
a little different than the famous VW beetle
of a few years later.  It was formerly
a German officers car.


An interesting coincidence
It was on this same trip
that we passed within 20 miles of my wife's
home town, Kirchdorf Krems, Austria.  At the time
I had no idea that 12 years later I would meet Herta
in Glendale, CA and I would soon be married
 to an Austrian woman.
This photo of Herta and myself was the first photo
 taken of us together on the evening we met
 in Glendale on September 18, 1968,
 a few months after she came to this country
to live with her sister, who had
 moved to Los Angeles some years prior.

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