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Photo Archives by Marvin Collins
Southern California Radio Stations
and Photos of the Historic KGFJ Wire Antenna
(Posted and Edited by Steve Blodgett)
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KFI Tower Collapse KFI's Main Tower is struck by a Private Plane and Destroyed.  Both the Pilot and Passenger are killed.  December 19, 2004.
KACE Studio KACE Studios, November 1999
Hollywood Studios
On February 1, 2000 KACE and KRTO were sold to Hispanic Broadcasting Corp. The KACE/KRTO studio is now located in the old Broadway Hollywood building. Thanks to Greg Strickland for letting me take these pictures on February 7th of that year.
 Xmtr Site
KACE/KTYM Xmtr Site,  November 1999
KCBH/KJOI/KYSR 1956 KCBH 98.7 FM Beverly Hills circa 1956.  KCBH later became KJOI and is now KYSR. The old black and white pictures were taken circa 1956.  The more recent color pictures were taken in May 2000.
KFI Studio The KFI Studios.  The picture of the lobby was taken February 1, 2000.  Traffic reporter Mark Denis was photographed on November 15, 1999, same date for Don & Gil in production studio A.  The remaining pictures in this group were taken in November 1999.  In the early part of 2004 KFI moved from these studios at 610 South Ardmore Ave, Los Angeles to new studios in the media district of Burbank.  KFI had been located at the Ardmore address from late 1975 until the move to Burbank in 2004. 
KFI XMTR The KFI transmitter site, November 3, 1999.
KFI - 1941 A collection of selected pages from the KFI transmitter Miscellaneous Equipment logs from 1941.  featuring some interesting references to WWII precautions.  Also, see how news was transmitted by Press Wireless via Morse Code during the WWII era.
KFI - Various
1959 and Earlier
KFI has had a magnificent past.  This photo set includes shots of Earl C Anthony, some early studio photos, and the ancient water-cooled 50 KW transmitter.  And yes, there WAS a KFI - TV.
KGFJ 1230 KGFJ (More recently KYPA)  - Here are some photos of the Wire "Flat Top" antenna that was taken out of service in May, 2004 after 80 years of service, and photos from a new site location, diplexed at the site of KBLA 1580.   But, it seems that old flat top antenna refuses to die.  The signal from the new diplexed site at KBLA did not work as well as the flat top.  So, after a short time the KYPA transmission moved back to the original flat top antenna, where it remains today. (Dec 2004)
KFI Stimuland
KFI Stimuland event on August 8, 1999
As of April 28, 2000 KHJ was about to complete the move to a new building located between the two KHJ towers erected in 1939.
Thanks to Steve Blodgett for writing the photo captions and letting me photograph the beautiful old RCA 50 KW transmitter in 1996. I have fond memories of often bicycling to the site as a kid about 1948.
KNX - CW Operations
The 1930's
Back in KNX's early days, CW (Morse Code via Radio) was the means by which news reached the station from the East Coast via "Transradio."  Thanks to Forrest A.  "Bart" Bartlett for the text and photos.
KOST Studio Photos of the KOST Air Studio, November, 1999.
KOST XMTR KOST Transmitter site at Mount Wilson, November, 1999.
Between 1957 and 1965 when I worked at KPOL, 1540 KHz Los Angeles.  A big station with a lot of history. 
This is a collection of transmitter site photos taken by part-time KPOL engineer Don Beaty circa 1958.   Don Passed away on January 27, 2003 at the age of 73.
KRTO transmitter site, November, 1999.
Mt. Harvard The Lodestar building on Mt. Harvard, about a mile south of Mt. Wilson, most of the photos taken January 26, 2000.
Mt. Wilson Mt. Wilson, CA, January 27, 2000
Mt. Wilson - CHARA The Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy (CHARA) being constructed on Mt. Wilson, California. Also included are pictures of equipment supporting the 100 inch telescope on Mt. Wilson as well as photos of construction on Mt. Harvard.  Most photos are from Spring, 1999.
1956 TV Site in Austria Pictures taken in Vienna, Austria in 1956 when I was there for the first time and met a TV engineer by the name of Karl Vesely, who gave me a tour of the city and the transmitter site.
N6IZW/W6VR Laser QSO N6IZW/W6VR Laser QSO Saturday June 24, 2000
Pacific Pioneer Bcst. A visit to the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters Museum.

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